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As professional forestland managers, we work with each individual landowner to help them identify their goals and objectives, whether that means prioritizing timber production, wildlife habitat, or woodland aesthetics. Our management techniques promote more and greater varieties of plants and wildlife. In most instances, the removal of forest products is a profit generating activity based on a competitive bidding process to ascertain the fair market value of the landowner's standing trees. During the tree removal operation, the forester inspects the job to ensure that the removal of forest products is being carried out according to contract guidelines and environmental regulations.

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Timber Analysis & Management

Expert Guidance

A forest management plan is a working-guide for landowners who want to maximize the many benefits that they receive from owning wooded land. The plan helps landowners to better understand their forest's composition, health and well-being, as well as the steps necessary to bring it to optimum productivity.

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Forest Products Harvesting

A Healthy and Productive Forest

To improve forest health and productivity we need to remove trees with defect, deformity, dieback, and disease. This is often referred to as a timber stand improvement (TSI). A TSI thinning is designed to weed out the poor quality trees in order to concentrate the growth potential of the site on the healthier, more valuable crop trees in the overstory. A greater diversity and abundance of life throughout the forest will occur.


Conservation & Restoration

A Comprehensive Approach

Forest management requires a multidisciplinary approach to improve habitat for indigenous wildlife populations and eradicate invasive species. Our goal is to provide the landowner with a multitude of ecological benefits and management opportunities, such as establishing meadowland, grassland, and pollinator habitat.

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Close monitoring of the restoration and preservation of suitable habitat by a forestry professional is a key component of forest management, which has a significant positive influence on wildlife populations.

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